The Supernaturalist

The supernaturalist cover

* * *

     This is a book I would have loved if I would have read three years ago. However, reading it now, it feels a bit simple and cliche.

     Cosmo Hill is an orphan living in an orphanage in a city corrupt by “big business”. In the orphanage, he is essentially tortured by being a forced test subject for new products. However, one day Cosmos escapes with his friend and runs for his life. They decide to climb on the roof of a building to escape, because they thought no one would expect them to do that (flawless plan, flawless. NOT). They are trapped and fall of the side of the building. Cosmo’s friend dies, and Cosmo barely survives, only to find a blue creature on his chest trying to kill him.

     Cosmo is saved by a group of kids called The Supernaturalists who can also see parasites (the blue thing) that suck the life out of people. Their mission is to try to kill all of them.

     Skipping to the end of the book, there are a bunch of 180s in the plot. First killing the parasites is good, then they find, aided by the leader of one of the big companies that it just makes them reproduce because of the energy in their weapons, and that they have made 3 times more than there would have been otherwise, so the blow a bunch up with a nuclear bomb (dirty energy). Then it turns out that both one of the Supernaturalists and the leader of the company were lying, and the parasites really just take the pain away from people.

     Other than the plot being too simple, and overly complicated at the same time, the book was had fun, simple humor an example being Cosmo asking if the Supernaturalists were people who didn’t wear clothes.

     The characters in the book were partially cliche, like Cosmo being the rags to riches boy, but they also were more than that, like Stephan the groups leader not always being the perfect hero Cosmos sees him as.

     All in all, I liked the book, but didn’t love it.


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