Champion Cover

* * * * *

     I loved Champion. I have been disappointed by so many trilogy endings (Cough Allegiant Cough), and this one was so good.

     (I’m not going to summarize this because of Legend and Prodigy spoilers [and I don’t feel like it])

     The characters feel (present tense) very real. June and Day both grew so much from Legend. June is still totally badass, and is a logical genius, but also learns to love. And Day keeps his impulsiveness, and need to protect everyone, but also lets Eden (who became much more of a major character) and June go.

     The action in the book was very suspenseful, and I didn’t know what was going to happen until the very end, which hardly ever happens.

     The ending was amazing, bittersweet, and didn’t lock the character into an ending. I’m sure there will be tons of fanfic about them.

I think I loved this book too much to analyze it. This book is fantastic, read it.


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