Sneak Peak – Dove Arising


* * * *

     I recently started using NetGalley, where you can get free e-books in exchange for a review, and this is the first book I was given. I did not get the full book, and so this is only the first bit. When this comes in at my library, I will definitely read the whole thing (or maybe I’ll buy it) so I can have it sooner.

Phaet (Sounds like Fate) Theta lives on a Lunar colony, run by a militaristic government. According to her school, the colony was formed when the Earthans polluted their planet and failed to fix it, and wanted to save humanity. They also talk of a war between Earth and the Moon. I liked how the author did the world building, the only thing is that it would have made more sense to colonize Mars.

The colony is very high-tech, all people over the age of five have “handscreens” (like smart watch/government trackers implants), they have bioengineered food, and can manipulate gravity.

Phaet’s mom is quarantined when she has a temperature of 310.7 K (99.59 F), and then Phate’s family is assigned to go to the Shelter, which has very bad living conditions, and they need to figure out what to do. Phaet decides to join the militia to try to ran high to get prize money, so she can pay her mom’s medical bills and the apartment rent.

The preview ended right after she first got into training. The only thing that I didn’t like was how the instructor said “cool”, it seemed weird for her character.

I like Phaet as the hero, she is quiet and smart, and reminds me of Tris (Divergent). Her name is strange, if the author wanted name symbolization, just name her Fate.

Overall, I really liked the preview and look forward to reading more.


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