From A Distant Star


* * *

Release date: May 19th (My first ARC)

This is a book that I got from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

     Emma is a high-schooler, and her boyfriend, Lucas, is sick with cancer, and goes into a coma. She will try anything to help him, staying all night at his house (to the annoyance of his mom) and even go to the town witch. She gets a potion from her, but the lady warns he might not come back the same. At the same time, a alien space ship is shot down, but one consciousness aborts from the ship, and crashes into Lucas’s farm. The consciousness has no body, and needs to find a host to survive. It first gets into the dog, and then goes into Lucas. Then Lucas wakes up, but is possessed, as Emma and Lucas’s brother realize. They then try to figure out how to get it home.

     From the description, this book sounded really cliche, but the idea of having people from two different star systems interact is interesting. The portrayal of the more complex civilization was also thought inducing, because it was more kind and trusting than the humans.

     The humans in the book realized almost too quickly, that Lucas was possessed. They weren’t logical in most other cases. Some of the conversations between the brother and Emma felt fake, and it was also strange how he said something along the lines of, “We are adults, we don’t need the police.” when they really should have gone to the police.

     The platonic love between Emma and not Lucas was also unique, and the end was very sweet.

To the readers of this blog: Do you believe there is extraterrestrial life? Why or why not?


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