The Snowball Effect


* * * *

     Lainey Pike has a crazy life. Her dad died in a motorcycle accident, she has an insane adopted brother, and her mom doesn’t really take care of her. And then her mom, the therapist, hangs herself, and it is up to her and her long lost sister Valerie to take care of Carlos. The only thing she has going for her is her perfect boy friend, Riley. And then they break up – on her birthday.

    Lainey starts dating a boy, Eric, who she met randomly at an ATM, who sold newspapers to the whole neighborhood until he found her. He introduces her to a more rough side of life (hickeys, living in his parent’s basement, and dumpster diving), and they become closer and closer. He has all these philosophical sayings, and eventually he tells her about “The Snowball Effect”. Side note: When I first started reading this, I thought “The Snowball Effect” how things tumble out of control, and was surprised that it wasn’t.

     The Snowball Effect came about when every day Eric had a cherry snowball (like a snowcone), but then one day, he tried something different, and it was amazing, but he will never get it again, because he thinks it won’t be as good. Lainey makes him eat it again, and he thinks it is disgusting. Laniey apologizes for messing up his memory, and goes on to apply this to her life.

     I liked the book overall, Lainey was very real, and so was her loss. The book was written in flashbacks, which I found kind off irritating. Also, it bugged me that it was “The Snowball Effect”, because the snowball didn’t affect anything, it was more of a theory. Overall, great book, I recommend it.

To the readers of this blog: Do you think the snowball effect is true?


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