The Seventh Level


* * *

     The author of this book also wrote The Gollywhopper Games. This book seemed to me like a worse version of that.

     Travis Raines doesn’t try to get in trouble, it just finds him. And he found a ton of trouble when a blue envelope appears in his locker, telling him that he could be part of the Legend. Legend is the secret society on his campus that puts on amazing events, and everyone wants to be part of it. All Travis has to do is solve seven puzzles and not get caught. Sounds easy, right. (I attempted to write this in the style of the book)

     I liked the premise of a secret society behind the school, and also solving puzzles. I loved the 39 Clues for this reason, and I really liked that aspect of this book. I also like how Travis changes through the book, losing his enemy, and getting to like the principal more.

     Travis was described as a good kid who just gets blamed for things, but he actually did do bad things. His parents told him he was grounded and to not use the phone or leave the house and the next thing he does is use the phone and leave the house.

     Parts of the book were slow because the puzzles that took me a minute took him days to solve. I know it is targeted at 5th-6th graders, but still, they are described as “mind-bending on the inside flap, and they were not.

     I found the ending to also be strange, because so many things were described at once, it was hard to figure out what was going on, but once I figured it out, I enjoyed it.

     I wouldn’t recommend this book unless you really like puzzle books, and even then, if you thought this sounded interesting, I recommend The Gollywhopper Games instead.


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