Like We Care


* * *

     Like We Care is hard to review, because it is about an interesting subject, but also could use more editing, so the contrast between the two makes it hard to review.

     The story is about a teenager, Joel Karstan, who is going to go to college on a baseball scholarship, but then he gets in the hospital because he was hit by a ball to the temple, and what he does when he comes back. After school, all the teens hang out around the Happy Shack, and get alcohol, cigarets, and adult magazines, and Joel is the king of it all. Until he tries a cigarette for the first time after he get out of the hospital, and realizes that it tastes nasty.

     At first he thinks that it is just a bad cigarette, but then his friend, Todd, helps him figure out that they are all nasty. From there, Todd realizes that companies are just making money off of their rebelliousness, and convinces Joel to convince the gang to boycott the Shack. This causes a big stir-up, and eventually, a person from a rap company, R2Rev, comes out to interview and it all goes viral. Next they try to elect their teacher, and get other places to do the same. They start up a website, and their message spreads and – Spoilers!

     I never thought that I would like a book that had 8 F words in the same paragraph. I know the author was trying to make a point, however, teenagers don’t talk like that. Also, the book could have used more editing, so the plot was clearer, and (at least) non-dialog parts had correct grammar.

    The book was told mostly from first person, and I found that to be frustrating, because as far as I know, no person thinks in the way they do.

     However, I think the message of the book, that a group of people working together can change things, is important, and that was the best part of the book. While it was not well-written, the story was good, and the message was better.


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