Across the Universe


* * * * *

     I recently discovered that you can read off fines at the library. You get $5 for each half hour you read! 2 hours at the library, and I am happy, and the library loses my frequent donations. When I saw this book on the shelves, I saw its cover, and picked it up, and read it and its sequel in the same day. Summer!

      Amy’s parents are going on a journey to a new planet in the Centauri star system, and she has to choose whether to go into 300 year cryo-sleep, and leave her boyfriend, home, and life as she knows it, or lose her parent in the space of five minutes. She chooses to leave, but she is half concise in the sleep, and can’t tell whether she has been asleep for 1 or 100 years.

     Elder is on the first multigenerational spaceship, Godspeed, that he was born to lead. Every generation has one person who is born later, who is trained to be Eldest, the captain of the ship, and that is what Elder is. When he starts to question what Eldest has been telling him, he discovers an unknown level with 100 frozen people. When one of them is woken up, Amy, they find out that there is someone trying to take out the whole ship, and there are lies everywhere.

     I really enjoyed the book. What’s not to like, space, mystery, strong female character, space, well done spilt narratives, space. Did I mention it’s set in space?

     Firstly, with the split narration, this book shifted very well. It didn’t spend too long or to short with one person, and it wasn’t very noticeable.

     The main mystery of the book wasn’t straightforward and I was very surprised at the end. Some of the smaller ones we obvious – what happens to the elders on the 4th floor – why are the people so emotionless, but overall, I couldn’t stop reading. The end of the book also wasn’t the end, and I tried to put it down, and failed.

     The characters relations were awesome, Amy and Elders love was fabulous, Eldest, the sort of villain, was more complicated and not just evil for the sake of evil, and there were complex secondary characters.

     I recommend this book if you like YA Sci-Fi. I was surprised to see it was published in 2011, because it seems like the type of book that would become Divergent level popular. The third book of this trilogy just released (Shadows of Earth).Just read this book, it is fabulous!


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