Guitar Notes


* * * *

      Tripp’s guitar is his life, but when his grades drop, his mom takes it away. To get a little bit of music, he borrows a school guitar and gets to use one of the school’s practice rooms on the odd days. Lyla is a cellist who prides herself on being perfect, no longer feels happy when she plays. When she uses the practice room for he practice, and finds trash and writes an note, a unlikely friendship is formed between them.

       Their connection was sweet, and the characters both changed significantly from the beginning to the end. They learned how to care about another person, and both filled out their love of music. Thought the character development is was good, the characters themselves were a bit one dimensional, and could be labeled with their archetype.

     As a musician myself, I loved all the references, and the authors depiction of what loving music is like. I also was pleased that there was music at the end of the book that you can play. I actually played a bit of it, but it was completely different from what I imagined it sounding like.

    The plot of the book was a bit predictable, but it was still very sweet and enjoyable to read. The ending was a plot twist, but was very abrupt, and almost seemed like the author was trying to rewrite If I Stay.

Overall, the book was good. It is definitely a good summer read. I recommend it especially to people who like music.

To the readers: Do you play any instruments or write music? Tell me in the comments.


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