Smart Girls Get What They Want


* * * *

     Gigi is a honor role high schooler, and she thinks that as soon as she gets out of there, she will be completely happy at some Ivy League College, and everything will be perfect. Until she and the guy sitting next to her are accused of cheating on the test, and even though their records are cleared, there will still be a mark on her record, and all her dreams would be ruined. She and the other person who was accused of cheating, Mike, have to give a Power Point presentation on the periodic table, to help them work together, and to have their records cleared.

     Gigi, along with her other two best friends, Neerja and Bea, are the three smartest girls in their sophomore year. However they get tired of not being noticed, and they decide to try out for different things to become more social. Neerja auditions for the play Romeo and Juliet, Bea for the Skiing team, and Gigi for Student Rep. Gigi at first is only running so she can change the schools cheating policy, but as it goes on, she realizes she can actually make a difference.

     I thought from the title that the book was going to be fluff, but it was actually an interesting spin on the high school story.

      Gigi was a well-written character, I thought that she would stay the snobby, pushy person, but she grew and changed in her attitudes and actions.The secondary characters in this book were also not flat, having developed interests. The friendship was also very touching, how they all helped each other it was all feel good.

     There was “the love interest” but it wasn’t the main focus, and she didn’t drop everything for him, which was nice. I was also very happy when she dumped the dochebag.

     All in all, the book wasn’t so much about how being smart will open every door for you; it’s about the connections of people and the things you learn along the way.

     I recommend this book for people who liked Eleanor & Park, or feels like a nerd.

To the readers of this blog:

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?


2 thoughts on “Smart Girls Get What They Want

  1. Probably the craziest thing I’ve done was when I was younger and I locked my friend in my house (she agreed) while me and my family went out for a bit because I wanted to continue the game we were playing when I got back. My parents were so mad when they found out, but it was ok in the end and we’re still friends now haha

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