Fall Book Haul


I have never done a book haul before, because I get my books almost entirely from the library, because I only by books I love. But there is one exception to this rule: Used book stores. I love them. And my favorite one, which is right outside of the library I go to does a five dollar book sale occasionally, and yesterday was the day.

I haven’t done this before, but since I have become caught up in the student part of Student by Day, Reader all Night, I want to try it. (If you like this, tell me, I could do it with library books)

I’m going to run through the books from top to bottom and tell you why I got them.

The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing: It loos like one of those life help books, but my mom and I were talking about it, so I stuffed it in.

Pretties: I read Uglies last year, but I never requested this one, because I kept forgetting. I finished it last night, and I liked it as much as the first one, which is uncommon for me. I also read Specials, which I got from the library, and liked. I might re-donate it, because I usually get books in hard cover, and I don’t plan to buy the rest.

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks: I read this a while back and it was hard cover and in like new condition. I will either keep it or gift it to someone.

The Life Murder of Bindy Mackenzie: I picked this up because it’s title caught my eyes, and I liked its cover, Shoot me now.

The Year of Secret Assignments: On the back cover of The Life Murder of Bindy Mackenzie it said that this was a companion to it, and I liked its cover also (hides in corner in shame)

The Penderwicks: This is an adorable book that my mom and I read together, it was thrashed slightly, but I enjoyed the book too much to leave it.

Hamlet: It is the No Fear Shakespeare edition, and even though I have read it and I understood it, I figured I might have to do an essay, or a friend will.

The Geography of Girlhood: I was looking at this one, and somehow it ended up in the box. I have no idea what it is about.

The Night Tourist: It’s about a kid in New York whose mom dies, and then he meets a girl who shows him the underworld of the subways, and he tries to find his mom. I don’t know, it’s a middle school book, but some days I just feel like reading bad books.

The Return of the Homework Machine: I read The Homework Machine around second grade, and I just felt nostalgic.

I also got The Wrath and The Dawn (not pictured) from the library, because you all have been talking about it.

So that’s it! Comment if you want me to do more book hauls! I am going to try to review more books. Happy fall, and happy super moon eclipse tonight!


3 thoughts on “Fall Book Haul

  1. I read the Girl’s guide to hunting and fishing almost 5 years ago. It was a part of one of my first few book hauls.

    Even I thought it was a self help book but it isn’t. :p You are in for a surprise. (Not so sure anymore, after commenting that is. :p )

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  2. You have some brilliant books on this list! Jacklyn Moriarty is an incredible writer. I have reread Bindy Mackenzie at least five times. And you’ve got The Disreputable History on there! You are going to have a fun month. Great choices 🙂

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